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US Office

The showroom is stocked with over 500 fabric substrates and several hundred garments to allow customers to see, feel, and touch to determine the best product for their needs. We are dedicated to staying ahead of current trends. Our fabrics and designs use today’s cutting edge materials that represent our customers’ brands cohesively and bring added value that is passed to the end consumer. Our sales staff are available to answer any questions you have about fabrics, production, delivery, and lead time.

China Office

with shipments reaching every corner of the globe. Our state of the art showroom houses several hundred garments and an extensive fabric library with over 5,000 samples. Current printing capabilities are heat transfer paper (HTP), cool transfer, rotary print, wet print, and hydrographic print. We specialize in both knit and woven fabrics as well as other leading fabrics. For customers seeking treatments, we work with the top branded treatments as well as some of our own treatment capabilities. Customers can be assured that quality is one of our top priorities. We employ in-house quality control to guarantee that your product is in adherence with your outlined specifications. Each day our focus is on delivering the lowest price at the best quality, with on time delivery, and excellent customer service.

Bangladesh Office

Our Bangladesh office is located in Dhaka with over 20+ employees that manage merchandising, quality control, production, and pattern making. Many of our employees hold masters’ degrees in textiles and are excited to work with you to design your product line. Our pattern makers will carefully convert your concept into a proto sample that you can touch and feel to see your ideas come to life. Or maybe you want to move forward with one of our existing designs and your own branded logo. AAP has a variety of ways to meet the needs of your retail consumer. 

Our Bangladesh showroom houses over 500 unique garments so customers can see the depth and breadth of our design skills. We work with our mills’ daily to communicate about production needs. This helps us to be agile and make quick decisions so customers receive their goods on time.  

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